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  • Compromise Agreement Calculator

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    We have recently included a compromise agreement calculator on our website to help users to quickly identify the potential severance payment they may obtain.

    If you have been offered a compromise agreement (now called settlement agreement) by your employer, simply fill in our easy to use online form and click to submit it to us in strictest confidence.   From the information you provide we can quickly assess whether the amount you have been offered is adequate or whether you should reasonably expect more.  We are able to do this as we have years of experience in dealing with severance negotiations on behalf of our clients.

    shutterstock_160360721By providing us with your age, length of service and salary, we can calculate the amount of any statutory redundancy payment (if relevant) and notice or pay in lieu of notice entitlement.  This information also enables us to calculate the amount of any basic award of compensation in a potential unfair   dismissal claim.

    Factors such as whether you are on long term sick leave, whether you have raised any grievances and whether you are subject to any disciplinary proceedings can all influence the level of a potential severance payment so it is important that we know about these when advising you.

    Once we have received your enquiry we shall review the information submitted and contact you by your preferred means of contact within 24 hours to confirm our advice or obtain further clarification.

    We are specialist employment solicitors with many years’ experience in successfully representing clients in severance negotiations. If we consider that the amount that you have been offered is insufficient in the circumstances, we can represent you in negotiations with your employer. This can either be openly or behind the scenes, according to your preference.  In the unlikely event that you are unable to secure a reasonable level of severance payment, then we can represent you in employment tribunal proceedings against your employer.

    It is vital that you obtain expert advice from an experienced employment solicitor if you are offered a compromise or settlement agreement. By way of illustration, in one recent case, a client contacted us for advice on a compromise agreement. He had already obtained advice from a company which is not a specialist employment law firm. They had advised the client that the offer that he had been given was a reasonable one and one that he should accept.  Our advice was that the amount was insufficient and we successfully negotiated a severance payment for him which was twelve times higher. This was all concluded smoothly within a matter of weeks.

    All that is required to ensure that a compromise agreement is validly completed is that you obtain advice on the terms and effect of the agreement, not the reasonableness or the adequacy of the severance payment.  Unlike many other employment solicitors, if you instruct us, we shall advise you as to the amount and negotiate on your behalf should you so wish.

    Employers contribute towards your legal costs incurred in obtaining advice in connection with a compromise agreement and we routinely negotiate payment of most, if not all, of your legal costs associated with the agreement.  Where it is not possible to obtain payment of all your legal costs by the employer, the increased severance payment that we obtain for you means that you will comfortably be able to settle any shortfall in costs out of the additional payment secured.  We will always provide you with a written costs estimate at the outset and will keep this updated as the matter progresses.

    If you would like us to look at the details of your case then please complete our compromise agreement calculator or call us on 0845 070 0505 (Please note: Calls to this number will cost approximately 4p per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge)