The new Tribunal Rules


The new Tribunal rules will come into force on 29th July 2013. Claims issued on or after this date are subject to an issue fee which shall be either;


£160 for Type A claims (simple claims such as holiday pay and unlawful deductions claims)

£250 for Type B claims (unfair dismissal, discrimination etc).

Claimants who issue claims without paying the requisite fee will have their claim rejected.

Claimants will also have to pay hearing fees which are;


£230 for Type A claims.

£950 for Type B claims.


There are 105 new rules which (save as to the rules relating to fees) shall also apply to existing claims.


These new rules should reduce the amount of claims issued and encourage parties to settle claims at an earlier stage.


The ET1 and ET3 forms have yet to be amended but will be before spring 2014 to provide for confirmation that the parties have entered into pre claim conciliation with Acas.